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The word LINGUARE was created by combining the word "language" with the word "re", which in the Tupi-Guarani language means friend. The name LINGUARE fits perfectly with what we wanted to express with the name of our virtual school. We like languages ​​and consider each language as an extremely valuable source of information and cultural heritage from our ancestors. Knowing a foreign language is a great asset and we open the door to new possibilities and opportunities, which we had no idea. Learning a foreign language also helps us to understand our better - and thus, understand our native language better.

We like to teach the language skills to our students. We use our own teaching methodology. We explain the grammar in a simple and interesting way. We believe that it is possible to start learning languages ​​at any age. The deciding factor is motivation. We motivate our students and prepare a “tailored” teaching plan for them.



The first experimental class is completely FREE and lasts 30 minutes. During this class, you will have an idea of ​​the course and how our methodology works and you will also be able to check all your technical equipment.

Teaching is interactive, dynamic, with a focus on practical conversations.

As for the content of the lessons, we will adapt to your needs - we will prepare “tailored” lessons for you. We will send teaching materials by email before teaching begins.

The class via Skype lasts 60 minutes.

If you want longer classes, just get in touch with us and we will check the possibility.


* You learn from the comfort of your

own House.

* Optimizes your time - no need to go

to any place.

* The class is interesting and fun.

* You immediately lose your fear of

speaking in another language.


Payment to the bank account is always made in advance. After confirming payment, you can start attending classes at the agreed time.

The tuition package is paid once a month and you determine the number of lessons you want per month. The price is classified according to the number of lessons paid.

The minimum package is: 4 lessons per month

Classes can be held on any business day - morning, afternoon or evening.

If, for any reason, you are unable to go online for a prepaid class, your money will not be lost - you will be able to reset the class to another date within the same month. However, the class must be canceled by sending an email message at least 12 hours before the course starts. If you cancel the class less than 12 hours in advance, you will lose the right to reschedule and the class will be considered a given class.


* Aviation

* Auto Industry

* Engineering technology

* Metallurgy and heat treatment of metals

* Surface protection and coatings

* Technical manuals

* Guidelines and standards

* Military technology and military industry

* Thesis

* Websites

* Advertising material

* Marketing material


* EVEKTOR, s r.o., Kunovice

* Jazyková škola AMOS, Uherské Hradiště

* Překladatelská agentura EDLINE, Uherské Hradiště

* KOVOKON Popovice s.r.o., Uherské Hradiště

* Aircraft Industries, a.s., Kunovice

* D-Lang, překladatelská agentura, Sao Paulo, Brazílie

* Česko-brazilská obchodní komora

* Překladatelská agentura Prima Lingua s.r.o., Opava

*Easytalk, s.r.o., Praha


Do you need to translate something? Write to us!



We review texts in Portuguese, Czech and English. We review texts in Portuguese, Czech and English.


Translation and localization. What's the difference?

There is no need to explain what a translation is. But what does text localization mean? Both services - translation and localization - are similar, but they are not the same.Localization takes common translation to a higher level. The common translation only tries to guarantee the linguistic correctness of the translation. The Location also takes into account local and cultural customs, traditions, the mentality of the population of the destination country and other factors.Localization means that we adapt your texts to the current peculiarities of the target language.The purpose of localization is to make the text look natural and completely understandable to native speakers.Therefore, localization is always performed by a native speaker.We provide localization in Brazilian Portuguese and Czech.The location is especially suitable for websites and online stores, film subtitles, applications, manuals and marketing materials. We can also find slogans, product or service names - depending on the target group for which the text is intended.

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